Coffee Vs Tea

Coffee Vs Tea

Coffee and tea are among the most popular drinks in the world, and, personally, I like them both. Each has the right amount of caffeine to keep me going, but when given a choice between the two I always pick coffee.

Coffee vs Tea

When it comes to flavor, coffee beans have tons whereas tea is relatively flavorless. Yes, it can be soothing, but most tea blends are essentially leaves that don’t taste like much. Coffee is a different story because the flavor is bold. Even lightly roasted grounds have a satisfying taste, unlike certain types of tea. I can’t drink tea without a bit of sugar or honey, but I often enjoy a cup of coffee without creamer or sweetener.

Another advantage that coffee has is it’s not as temperamental as tea tends to be. If your steeping temperature is off by just a few degrees, you can end up with a bland cup of nothing. Too high a temperature, and you’ll scorch the leaves, especially when drinking green and white varieties. With coffee, I can simply put my grounds into the French press, top it off with water — without worrying about the temperature being too hot — and wait a few minutes for the magic to happen.

My top reason for loving coffee is the variety. Roast levels aside, have you ever looked at the huge number of coffee types and flavors available? When you add in creamers and flavoring syrups to the mix, you can basically have dessert in a cup when you make your brew. Tea can become boring, but I’m able to have everything from creme brulee to salted caramel and toasted almond coffee without raking up the calories.

Drinking coffee is a unique experience, and there’s nothing like the smell of a freshly brewed cup. Because of its distinctive flavor and versatility, coffee is the hands down winner over tea.